August 29, 2010
Masterpuppet Theatre Goes Live

Not at the Globe, but on the global stage. Digital performance goes digital as Masterpuppet Theatre announces the launch of masterpuppettheatre.com. Now you can keep up with all the latest news and developments from your favorite interactive Shakespeare drama kit. The site features a blog on all things Bard-related. There are printable downloads of props, sets, and new characters you can use to supplement and embellish your basic package. And there are links to Masterpuppet's Facebook page, Twitter updates, and Knuckleodeum, the official YouTube channel of MPTV, where you can view videos created by other inspired masterpuppeteers, or even upload your own!

And of course there's shopping. You'll find special offers for Masterpuppet Theatre bundled with rare goodies and collectibles--everything you need to mount your own presentations of the greatest theatrical literature of all time. The world of Shakespeare is at your fingertips.

Don your favorite masterpuppets and navigate the site in character for a fully immersive online experience.

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