April 23, 2010
Masterpuppet Theatre Wishes William Shakespeare a Happy Birthday

Like so many details of the Bard's life, his date of birth is in some dispute, subject to much speculation, wishful thinking, and wild guesswork. What is known according to an entry in the register of Holy Trinity Church in Stratford, is that William, the first son of John Shakespeare, was baptized on April 26, 1564. Through a distillation of various subjective readings of politics, superstition, and known baptismal practices of the time, April 23 has been generally accepted as Shakespeare's birthday, possibly aided by the natural inclination to have England's greatest dramatist associated with the feastday of England's patron saint, George. Go, team.

As April 23 happens to be the date of Shakespeare's death in 1616 at the age of 52, it also appeals to fans of symmetry and cosmic conspiracies. Fact or fantasy, we're pleased to have occasion to acknowledge the arrival of the world's greatest author. By an auspicious happenstance of the calendar and definitely not gratuitously exploitive timing, April 23 2010 also marks the inaugural posting of Masterpiece Theatre. ( : { >








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