Bardy Hearty

There's not much evidence that personal birthdays were celebrated during Tudor times, certainly not with the fanfare of present day observance. When England was still a Catholic country people marked the feast associated with the saint's day on which they were born, but individual birthdays were not accorded the same significance. The birth dates of higher-ranking citizens might have been used to cast horoscopes or serve nationalistic propaganda purposes, but even monarchs did not commemorate their natal anniversaries in any appreciable manner. Furthermore, candles were an expensive luxury in that period, not to be frivolously inserted into baked goods and gratuitously burned.

So it is that William Shakespeare's generally accepted date of birth, April 23, is celebrated by more people and institutions today than it was in his own time, and Masterpuppet Theatre is no exception. April's printable download provides the trappings for a real Elizabethan birthday bash--tankards, flagons, and drinking horns; turkey legs, meat pies and pasties; madrigal masks, noisemakers, and musical instruments.

Print enough copies of the "Party Goodes" to accommodate your entire guest list. Use card stock to make for sturdier props; cut and fold as directed; provision your Masterpuppets with their implements of merrymaking, and celebrate the Bard's b-day in style. Photograph or videotape your Shakespearean bash, send your images to info@masterpuppettheatre.com, and we'll feature your fete on the Masterpuppet web site and Facebook page!



DOWNLOAD No.7 04.01.11
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