Finger Finery

Clothing makes the man, the saying has it. Elaborately detailed and historically accurate costuming can afford an actor the means of deepening connectedness to a role, an era, or a moment of high drama.

Stage productions in Shakespeare's day were remarkably minimalist affairs, but Masterpuppet Theatre spares no expense when it comes to equipping its loyal troupes with lavish sets, authentic props, and evocative ensembles. From practical suede ankle boots to rakish buckled thigh-highs, the basic patterns provided in this month's download can be easily adapted to simulate a variety of footwear favored in the medieval, Renaissance, and Tudor periods.

Print a few copies of the file and customize them to stock your wardrobe. Cut out the basic shapes, tailor them to fit your fingers, and tape the trimmed templates to form tubes. Slip the finished finery onto your digits and strut the boards in style. You'll be surprised at the convincing swagger your cardboard haberdashery lends to your performances.

Clothing makes the hand, too. ( : { >



DOWNLOAD No.6 01.01.11
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