Stage Foliage

In Shakespeare's day, theatrical productions had no scenery or props to speak of, certainly not the elaborate costumes and technical effects of present-day stage productions. Theatergoers shared responsibility with the actors to envision the setting and elements of each scene, cued only by the descriptive language of the Bard.

You and Masterpuppet Theatre are not bound by such strictures. Tendered here is a selection of botanical bounty to enhance all your presentations featuring the Forest and Garden sets, conveniently bundled in a printable pdf format.

Print the file full-size on 8.5 × 11" paper. You can glue the printed page to heavier paper, or better yet output it on card stock. Cut out the greenery as directed and fold where indicated. Positioned at the front corners of your knuckleodeum stage, the greenery makes a surprisingly evocative sylvan setting ideal for frolicking fauns and fairies. Or lay out a formal rose garden and establish the perfect mood for moonlit balcony conversation.



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